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Block Paving Cleaning

Block Paving Cleaning Bournemouth

Cleaning block paved driveways, paths or patios in Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch keeps us extremely busy.

With our professional pressure washing machinery we can rejuvenate all hard standing areas or relaxation areas constructed of block pavers.

With the localised climatic conditions we regularly are requested to remove significant weed growth, algae spores along with the general build-up of dirt.

Block paved areas do need on-going maintenance throughout the seasons to keep weed growth under control as well as yearly pressure cleaning to keep in a clean and tidy condition.

If your block paving is suffering from excessive weed growth or if you have been unfortunate enough to have old oil stains, or a recent new oil leak onto your driveway, then we can carry out an extensive pre-treatment to remove all the weeds and as much of the oil leak as possible.

Removing any staining from a block paver is difficult and dependant on numerous factors, ranging from the type of oil, length of time it has been allowed to penetrate the surface, and the porosity of the blocks. All these factors have varying detrimental effects.

Ideally the oil, brake fluid or diesel leak should be treated as soon as possible and Sealscape is your first point of contact to apply the first of several treatments using a bio-degradable oil remover that is applied and covered to allow the product to sweat and literally eat away at the oil.

Once the oil stain is removed to an agreed acceptable standard then we can continue with a total all surface pressure wash leaving you with a beautifully clean driveway/patio. Customers looking for a longer term solution to weed growth and protection against future oil leaks, whilst adding a greater depth of colour can then have  a top quality sealer applied.

As registered Smartseal contractors we use the extensive product range of tried and tested exterior sealing products supplied by Smartseal.

Two coats of sealer are applied to ensure long term stability of the sand and restriction of future weed growth as long as the surface is totally sound and without any movement of the blocks.

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We pressure wash all block paved surfaces throughout Dorset including Bournemouth, Ringwood, Wareham and Lymington.