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Decking Cleaning

Timber decking is an expensive product now available in a variety of hard and soft woods. All will need varying degrees of yearly maintenance to keep the timber in great condition.

Given the coastal location that Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch finds itself, many home owners have installed a decked area to enjoy the higher than average sunshine and of course the views. 

During the autumn and winter period the decking soon accumulates plenty of dirt and algae growth. The dirt combined with the green growth can make the decking extremely slippery with a solid foot hold often difficult and making it an area that many homeowners and commercial enterprises are forced to restrict access to.

Sealscape will, if required, apply a proprietary branded deck cleaning product to deep clean the timbers to eradicate all green growth. Then maximising the attributes of our professional pressure cleaning equipment, will clean your decking with a variable pressure flow. This is important to ensure that the decking isn’t permanently scored or spoilt with striping or banding that can occur if a lance only clean is conducted at full pressure.

Once the deck is suitably dry we recommend the application of Liberon decking oil which is the perfect product to ensure the timbers are kept naturally oiled and stop them drying out. In some conditions the timber deck requires a couple of oil treatments through the season. This cleaning process will ensure your decking is visually of high appeal and safe to walk on.

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Wall Cleaning

If you have retaining walls bordering your lawn or part of a broader landscape or even to the frontage of your property we can pressure wash all these to brighten up the whole aspect and make your property stand out from the crowd. All brick walls can be protectively sealed with an impregnating sealer that once cured is totally inert and maintains that just cleaned look to protect against green growth.

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