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Tarmac Cleaning + Re-colouring

Tarmac Cleaning and Re-colouring in Bournemouth

Many commercial premises and homes have had tarmacadam laid to provide a resilient utility product that has a good lifespan.

Weather conditions dry out the resins from the tarmac that will over a period of time bleach the colour and start to fragment the surface and dislodge chippings. If not remedied this will cause large areas to break up.

Tarmac surfaces that homeowners feel are beyond help resort to ripping up the surface and replacing with another product, this can prove to be very expensive. Sealscape can carry out a comprehensive clean, repair and re-colouring service to the majority of tarmac surfaces which can rescue the tarmac without needing to replace the area.

The surface is thoroughly cleaned down, at low pressure, removing all ingrained moss and other green growth. Tarmac driveways that have had oil leak onto the surface need to have this neutralised prior to the cleaning and application of a chemical. To reintroduce the resins and add superb depth of colour we use an oil remover specifically for tarmacadam surfaces that will remove the oil and, once dry, allow Tarmaseal™ a high quality re-colouring product to be applied.

Any tarmac repairs required are completed after the cleaning process with cracks and larger areas made good with a cold lay repair kit.

We can also carry out tennis courts cleaning and if required apply Tarmaseal as it is available in Red, Green as well as Black.

We are confident that you will be thoroughly pleased with the outcome as many of our customers are surprised that a bleached tarmac surface that has been in place for many years can be resurrected and made to look almost new.

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